By Theodore N. Beitchman

Seth Joyner has a pretty good idea about who will win today’s Eagles-Falcons game.

Spoiler alert:

The Eagles.

For whom he played in the Buddy Ryan ‘80s and ‘90s and in whom he still has great faith.

That is to say, he calls them “We” when he opines on “Eagles Post-Game Live” or on the Fanatic.

But not when he dishes with Colin Cowherd or Jason Whitlock on FS1.

And the former Eagles’ linebacker, who is rated along with Chuck Bednarik and Bill Bergey as the team GOAT, was effusive yesterday when he sat for an interview about today’s game.

Here’s what he thinks about:

NICK FOLES: We have to see what works. In the Cowboys game on Dec. 31, he was 3rd and 7 in the red zone, and Torrey Smith drops the ball. Foles should have played the entire first half to develop some rhythm.

NATE SUDFELD: No way Doug puts him in, no matter what the score is unless Nick gets hurt. That would be a sign to the fans that the game is over because you can’t put Nick back in.

NELSON AGHOLOR: He is the most important Eagle today. He’s got the confidence that he didn’t have last year. Now, he’s the No. 1 receiver.

JAY AJAYI: He had a big game in Week 6 for the Dolphins against the Falcons — 130 yards on 26 carries. If he does that today the Eagles are winners.

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT: He had 136 yards on 16 carries in Week 4 against the Chargers. He needs to get as many carries today.

DOUG PEDERSON: At his core, he’s an Andy Reid disciple, which means that he loves to pass more than run. And as good as Doug has been this year as a coach, Carson Wentz made him a lot better.

EAGLES FRONT FOUR: They’re the highest-paid room on the team. Vinny Curry has been inconsistent, and I like Derek Barnnet more than Curry. Fletcher Cox (above) is the man. He has stepped it up this year. I loved the move to get Timmy Jernigan, but once they gave him a big contract his play has tailed off.

LINEBACKERS: Athletically, there’s no one better than Mychal Kendricks. I like Nigel Bradham too, but he’s limited athletically.

PRESSURING MATT RYAN: To the majority of great quarterbacks — Peyton Manning and Tom Brady included — pressure is kryptonite. So Jim Schwartz has to blitz a little to get pressure on Ryan.

STOPPING THE RUN: Eagles have to contain Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman on 1st and 2nd downs.

JULIO JONES: He’s 6-3, 225, and neither Jalen Mills or Ronald Darby have the strength to muscle him.