The right tackle (65 above) wrote this for the Players Tribune:

Last year was screwed up. I got suspended last season for testing positive for a supplement I thought was approved. I have serious issues with the NFL and the NFL Players Association for the way my sample was handled and processed, but the end result was that the league suspended me for 10 games.

That’s a lot.

Ten games, between Week 6 to Week 16, in which our offense undermanned. Ten games, during the heart of the regular season, watching my teammates battle without me. Ten games thinking about this entire mess.

The entire situation was awful — but it also taught me a thing or two.

That experience of being on the sidelines — and the humiliation of being asked about it on a daily basis (and I’m still hearing about it from fans on Twitter) — hasn’t been for nothing. It forced me to reevaluate not just my suspension, but also how I carried myself in general. At times in my career I’ve lost focus.Well, I’m done with that.

In other words, this situation has lit a fire under my ass:

Don’t Mess With Philly