By Theodore N. Beitchman

I have a friend whose opinion on Donald Trump has local resonance:

“He doesn’t know anything and he thinks he knows everything.”

That’s exactly how I feel about Comcast’s low-rent NBC Sports Philadelphia and its daily, 5 pm blowhard fest “Philly Sports Talk.”

Which today was officially put out of its misery — and ours — canceled with Thursday being its last gasp!

“Not many shows can survive for 21-plus years, but as consumer habits have evolved, now is the right time to move in a new direction,” said NBC Sports Philadelphia president Brian Monihan.

Not many shows as bad as this would have survived 21 days let alone 21 years.

There seemed to be something in the water on the set at “Philly Sports Talk.”

Or maybe there’s just something in the atmosphere that produces an unnatural amount of fake news when it comes to the Sixers.

In case you hadn’t noticed, PST had a new set.

You didn’t notice because there is no perceptible diff between the old one and the new one.

But they ran reruns for a week a month ago because they were renovating the old one.

Virtually no one noticed that a week’s worth of old “news” was passed off as live because virtually no one watches PST.

Why would you?

It’s all talk and no action.

And absolutely no breaking news.

Unless you count John Clark mugging people at Philly International.

And when I wrote about the week of reruns I was assured by Comcast Spectacor minister of information Maureen Quilter that “Philly Sports Talk is a highly produced show with a lot of footage and graphics – and with all the behind the scenes renovations and construction going on this week – it is not possible to produce it with the demands on our other studio.”

Highly produced?

“Wayne’s World” was better-produced.

The simulcast of the Fanatic’s Mike Missanelli Show is better-produced, and it only has two cameras.

If PST were highly produced the split-screen interviews wouldn’t look so amateurish, superimposed as they are on a poster board with a faux Philly skyline in the background.

If PST were a serious sports news program it would come up with a Philly-based Sixers expert every bit as good as Corey Seidman is with the Phillies.

Instead, we get goofy John Gonzales, who comes to us from LA by Skype with a background more suited to “Between Two Ferns.”

Last year around this time, the unctuous Michael Barkann had us believing that LeBron James favored the Sixers in the bake-off for his aging services because Alaa Abdelnaby’s brother spotted LeBron in KOP scouting schools for little Bronnie.

Well, no.

LeBron himself said he was in LA during last year’s All-Star break scouting schools for little


We’ll call that fake news.

Now comes more fake news about the Sixers Benny Simmons.

Two Fridays ago the level-headed Marc Farzetta asked the Inky’s level-headed Mike Seilski about Benny’s desire to play with LeBron in LA.

As in:

“We all know Simmonds wants to play with LeBron!”

Seilski played along and didn’t deny it.

With no evidence of that declaration anywhere extent.


Maybe because Simmons and James have the same agent?

Maybe because Benny’s squeeze Kendall Jenner lives in LA?

I’m just spiff-balling here because I follow this stuff closely and there is nothing on or off the record about Simmons wanting to move to LA.

First thing: LeBron is aging before our eyes and the Lakers will be lucky to make the post-season.

Second thing: Kendall Jenner is unemployed and theoretically can live anywhere, even Philly.

Third and most important thing:

Magic Johnson is a fraud as a basketball exec to whom all young players are attracted.

Where is the evidence that he is not?

LeBron would have come to LA if Jane Fonda were the GM.

Magic had nothing to do with it.

Get that through your head and you realize that NBC Sports Philly is peddling fake news just as surely as they soak you monthly for the right to do so.