“I feel truly, bottom of my heart, everything’s year to year,” Eagles coach Doug Pederson said at NovaCare the other day. “I’m going to coach my tail off this season, and I’m just thankful to Mr. Lurie and the Eagle organization for believing in me and trusting in me and giving me the extension. Just excited to go to work every single day.”

By Steve Kelly

In other words, Doug Pederson is still hungry!

Even though he and Eagles big boss Howie Roseman were given extensions through 2022 after the Birds’ Super Bowl win over the Patriots six months ago.

“I think it’s important,” Pederson said regarding the fact that he and Roseman are both under contract for five years.

“I think what you’re seeing around the league is G.M., head coach kind of have the same amount of years left. It really helps in sort of solidifying your plan, not only current plan but future plan. When you have the same amount of time remaining, you can collaborate that way and prepare that way.”