Terry Francona knows Philly sports fans. He managed the Phillies for four seasons and remembers when local enthusiasts slashed his car tires on Fan Appreciation Day at Veterans Stadium. He remembers a tender moment a few years later, after he was fired, when he was hanging out before an Eagles game, helping a photographer pal who was taking photos of the Eagles and 49ers.

“I was carrying extra cameras for my photographer friend,’’ Francona recalled. “And we were in the end zone before the game started, watching the players get loose.

“And all of a sudden, a chant starts in the stands behind us. The whole end zone section was chanting, ‘Tito sucks!, Tito sucks!’ This was a few years after I had been let go there.

“It was kind of funny. The football players, I think they all thought the fans were chanting ‘T-O!, T-O!’ [for Terrell Owens]. Finally one of the Eagles linemen came over to me and said, ‘Hey, that’s you they’re getting on, isn’t it?’ ’’