By Mary Cunningham

Penn State made more legal news the other day when it sued former assistant coach Bob Shoop for the $891,000 in salary it claims he owes after he left Happy Valley for Tennessee.

And now Shoop has countersued!

The Nits’ defensive coordinator is seeking more than $75,000 from Penn State.

In documents filed yesterday Shoop answered allegations raised in the university’s lawsuit claiming he broke his contract and did not pay the buyout.

“It is admitted that Mr. Shoop has not made any payment and, through counsel, has indicated a refusal to make such payment,” Shoop’s attorneys wrote.

They listed 16 reasons for that decision, including that the contract was “unenforceable,” “unreasonable,” penalized Shoop, was signed under duress and that his “working conditions with Penn State were intolerable,” essentially forcing him to leave.

In a counterclaim, Shoop alleged the university committed breach of contract for not paying the last month of his salary after he left due to a “hostile, negative work environment.”

Shoop’s lawyers say he was “constructively discharged/terminated from or forced or compelled to leave his employment with Penn State” on Jan. 10, 2016. He left Penn State for the University ofTennessee, where he serves as the Volunteers’ defensive coordinator.