By Peter Gleason

Look who just endorsed Terrell Owens for the Hall of Fame:

Former Eagles coach Andy Reid!

During their time together in Philly, Reid and Owens had their differences. But Reid says there’s no doubt that Owens belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“As far as talent and production goes, T.O. is absolutely a Hall of Famer,” Reid says.

In his first season playing for Reid, Owens was outstanding, gaining 1,200 yards and scoring 14 touchdowns and then playing through an injury in the Super Bowl and playing so well that he would have been the MVP if the Eagles had won. In his second season playing for Reid, Owens was a constant complainer and eventually was sent packing. But Reid downplayed those problems and said that on game day, he had few players who battled as hard as Owens.

“There was that one off-the-field issue with him, but everything else, he was a pleasure to coach,” Reid said. “The son of a gun would do anything you asked him to do and he’d do it a hundred miles an hour, which not every player will do.”

We’ll find out on Saturday whether the Hall of Fame selection committee agrees with Reid’s assessment.