By Annie Ross

Eagles coach Chip Kelly may want to shake Shady McCoy’s hand Sunday before the Birds game at the Linc against the Buffalo Bills, but McCoy has other ideas…

“Chip don’t mean nothing. I don’t owe him anything.”

On why he wouldn’t pick up the phone when Kelly called: “He can’t say s—.”

On if he’ll shake Kelly’s hand: “He can’t shake s—.”

McCoy went on to add after practice on Wednesday that he will talk to his former teammates and owner Jeffrey Lurie, one of the few people he did talk to after the trade went down. He added that he never had a good relationship with Kelly to begin with, a rift that was unquestionable exacerbated when McCoy was sent up north for a linebacker.

Trades can rip up lives and hurt feelings. They can leave scars. Plus, McCoy isn’t the type to back down and he’s been asked about Kelly all day.