Says John Saybrook:

I couldn’t watch the Bears’ kick. I turned away from the screen, put my hands on my son Harry’s shoulders, muttered something about winning or losing together as a family, and prepared for the worst.

I watched his face as he watched the kick fly across the TV screen.

The first “doink” showed in his eyes—they got wide and incredulous—and by the time Cris Collinsworth announced, hashtagishly, “Double Doink!”

I had turned back to the screen for the replay, while Harry picked up his phone and caught his crazy father screaming, “It. Hit. The. Post!”

After the screaming ended and the emotions cooled (“You kind of smell,” my wife told me later, on hugging me after the victory) and Harry had gone back to playing Fortnite, I was left on the couch to ponder the mystery and wonder of the Eagles quarterback,

Nicholas Edward Foles, the twenty-nine-year-old six-foot-six Texan from Austin’s Westlake High School.

Foles is the Eagles’ onetime franchise QB who became a backup, and who then became a real-life Rocky—a disrespected has-been who quit the game, only to come back to win it all in 2018, and who is now defying the non-believers again: