“I’m pretty sure that Jay is excited about being able to go out there and dominate and being able to be that guy,” Eagles assistant coach Duce Staley said yesterday about Jay Ajayi.

By Annie Ross

Staley obviously thinks Ajayi will be the Eagles feature back.

“He’s one of those guys that spent a lot of time in the film room. He came in. He was eager to learn. He wanted to know more.” Staley said. “It was like as if he was plugged in with no problems and he kept getting better each week in practice and you saw what he was doing on the field. ”

Head coach Doug Pederson, when asked to identify some of the guys that returned in great shape, Ajayi’s name surfaced.

Staley noticed the difference too and feels it’s a reason why Ajayi showed up ready to go.

“Just him being focused, coming in, knowing he’s the guy, knowing he’s the guy that’s going to step up there and just put everything on his back and ride with him,” Staley said.