By Peter Gleason

The Eagles and Giants are teeing it up tonight at the Linc, and the Birds have as an added incentive a chance to make the playoffs as the winner of the NFC East.

Even though the division is the worst in football.

And that might even include college too.

No NFC East team has a record above .500 and the top team, the Dallas Cowboys, is 6-7 and just lost to the Chicago Bears.

Yet despite that, one of those terrible teams will emerge with the “best” record and claim the NFC East title. A wild card team with a better record (probably) will have to travel to Dallas or perhaps Philly in January to try and advance in the playoffs.

It’s this situation that has people torqued up about possibly reseeding the playoff teams.

That’s a possibility that might be popular with fans of teams like the San Francisco 49ers or the Buffalo Bills, both of which are currently slated to open the playoffs on the road despite having excellent records.

However, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the popularity of that idea hasn’t spread farther than fans or the media.


A source with knowledge of the NFL’s thinking said the idea of reseeding teams has come up but “has gotten zero steam. It’s never been a consideration.”

Schefter didn’t elaborate on why the NFL hasn’t considered it. It could be that the NFL simply doesn’t want to mess around with a playoff system that has worked fine just because one of its divisions has collectively forgotten how to play football.

It’s been five years since a division ended the season with none of its teams above .500, so it’s not typical. And with four games left to play, the NFC East could still redeem itself. There’s still a chance the Cowboys or Eagles could finish at or above .500.

The Cowboys and the Eagles (who at 5-7 still have a shot) both can’t stop losing, and while anything can happen between now and January, that’s a pretty favorable scenario for the 49ers.