So says


If you want to start a debate that might turn into a bar fight this weekend, just go up to a group of people and ask them who the best quarterback in the NFC East is. The one reason we’re ranking this division so high is because it feels like the NFC East has the best group of quarterbacks of any division in the NFL, behind only the NFC South.   

Although Eli Manning has struggled over the past few years, the Giants have been him in a position to succeed in 2018 by drafting a running back and beefing up their offensive line. If Manning can’t figure things out this year, that probably means it’s time to retire. 

On the Redskins’ end, they added Alex Smith, which is good news for coach Jay Gruden because Smith is basically a more talented version of Andy Dalton. That’s only notable because Gruden spent three years with Dalton in Cincinnati (2011-13) and turned him into a serviceable quarterback. If Gruden can turn Dalton into a playoff quarterback, there’s no telling what he’ll be able to do with Smith. 

As for Dak Prescott, he’s in the most tenuous position this year, and that’s because he doesn’t really have anyone to throw the ball to. Although the Cowboys have added Allen Hurns and Tavon Austin, they definitely still don’t have a true No. 1 receiver, which isn’t good news for Prescott. 

With Carson Wentz, the guy just won a Super Bowl and the Eagles rewarded him by adding Mike Wallace. Of course, Wentz isn’t completely healthy yet, which is why it’s hard to decide who the best NFC East quarterback is going into 2018 (We could also throw Nick Foles into the conversation, but we won’t). 

Although the NFC East didn’t take the top spot in our rankings, it does feel like the only division in the NFC that could legitimately be won by any team. (Sorry Bears, we’re not giving you a chance in the NFC North. Sorry, Bucs, we’re not giving you a chance in the NFC South and sorry Cardinals, we’re not giving you a chance in the NFC West). 

NFC East out-of-division record in 2017: 20-20 (9-7 vs. NFC West, 9-7 vs. AFC West, 1-3 vs. NFC North, 1-3 vs. NFC South)

2018 out-of-division schedule: vs. NFC South and AFC South