By Lewis Gould

The Eagles are getting the respect of the rest of the NFL because they won the Super Bowl.

However, some of their stars are still getting dissed by the experts.

Such as Nelson Agholor, who took it on the chin from Pro Football Focus in terms of Fantasy:


Propelled to fantasy stardom after shifting into the slot, Agholor turned around his career in 2017 with a fantasy WR22 finish. Much of that scoring from Agholor came via touchdown receptions.

In fact, Agholor’s eight touchdowns accounted for 25.5 percent of his fantasy value last year. Only 15 wide receivers had a higher rate.

Stemming from a career-year from Carson Wentz with his 7.5 percent touchdown rate, it’s safe to project that rate lowering in 2018 back toward the league average. This can safely be applied to Agholor’s touchdown rate as well, where touchdowns lifted Agholor into fantasy relevance far above his respective targets.

Those targets could also see a knock down with the arrival of Mike Wallace. Wallace had 208 targets combined over the last two seasons, far above the middling 59 targets Torrey Smith has averaged over the past three seasons. Chasing touchdowns is a volatile venture. It wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest if Agholor dropped a tier down to WR50-plus with inherent regression inbound combined with fewer targets.