By Harvey Hoffman

Eagles linebacker Zach Brown has it in for his former Redskins teammate, Vikes QB Kirk Cousins:

“Cousins, I think every defense is going to want that guy to throw the ball,” Brown told ESPN. “For me, that’s probably the weakest part of their offense is him. Everything else is good. They’ve got a good running game, probably one of the best in the league. They have real good receivers.

“I realized when I was in Washington, he was kind of careless with the ball. But at the same time, hey, you make the bed you sleep in,” Brown said. “I was at the Redskins with him so I know about him. That’s my viewpoint on him.”

Brown makes it clear what the game plan is on Sunday: let Cousins pass, and don’t let him hand off to emerging star running back Dalvin Cook.

“You just want them to pass the ball,” said Brown. “You want Kirk Cousins to get it in his hands.” “Make him frustrated back there,” Brown said of Cousins. “First we have to stop the run, and then make him frustrated back there. Our main concern is stopping the run because if they can run the ball, they’re going to win.”

The Vikings signed Cousins away from the Redskins in 2017, to the tune of an $84 million fully guaranteed deal. In 2019, that contract is looking like a mistake, as Minnesota is 29th in the NFL in yards per game over the air (191) but third in rushing (166.4). That notion only gets truer, considering opponents are encouraging him to pass.