By Harry Allison

Eagles coach Chip Kelly met with the media today and, like yesterday, was peppered with questions about Shady McCoy, the all-time Eagles’ leading running back who Kelly traded to Buffalo last March.

In anticipation of this Sunday’s game against the Bills, Kelly admitted:

“It [the trade] wasn’t handled that way, and I understand why he isn’t happy about that,” Kelly said. “And I apologize about that. It didn’t happen the right way.

“We were told the trade wasn’t going to be initiated until the next morning,” Kelly said. “So there were no phone calls to be made. Then all of the sudden I’m driving to an event (and it breaks that) he’s been traded. I felt bad. I called him, he didn’t answer my phone call. I know he was pissed. And he should be pissed. Rightfully so. And every player that ever left this team, I talked to them personally.

“When we traded Sam (Bradford) for Nick (Foles), it was a great situation,” Kelly said. “(Head coach Jeff Fisher) and me were both on the phone together, we said ‘When are you going to make the call. Let’s call now.’ He then called Sam, I then called Nick. That’s the way (the McCoy trade) should have been done. “