By Peter Gleason

Week 17 in the NFL is upon us and:

For the final two NFC seeds: Arizona at Seattle, EAGLES at Washington, Chicago at Minnesota, 4:25 p.m. 

Seattle clinched a playoff spot Sunday night, and now has to beat the worst team in football, the Cardinals, at home, to clinch the fifth seed.

The Vikings (8-6-1) and Eagles (8-7) will battle for one spot. 

If Minnesota beats the Bears, the Vikings make the playoffs; if they lose and Philadelphia beats Washington, the Eagles are in.

Will the Bears play all-out to win, with only a whisper of a chance to pass the Rams for the second seed? Good question. “We need some help,” Zach Ertz told NBC Sports’ Peter King after the dramatic Philly win over Houston, “but we’ve had the kind of year where you just don’t know anything.”

The Eagles have had the strangest of seasons; they’ve gone 4-1 since being embarrassed 48-7 by the Saints last month. King asked Ertz what he’s learned in 2018 after the Eagles stormed to a Super Bowl win last year.

“I’ll tell you,” he said. “The NFL is really hard. It’s really hard to win football games, any game. I cannot believe the Miami Dolphins went undefeated all the way through the Super Bowl. I cannot believe the Patriots went undefeated [in the 2007 regular season]. That sounds a little simplistic, but it’s what I think.”