By Peter Gleason

Sunday night’s Super Bowl between the Eagles and the Patriots has many plots and subplots.

And one of these is that America loves an underdog.

Especially one as lovable as these Eagles.

It’s frankly a no-brainer:

The Patriots are the epitome of evil:



Constant winners!

With the most arrogant fans in the National Football League.

The Eagles are cool and confident.

With a back-up quarterback leading their charge.

And a head coach no one took seriously until now.

The contrast in quarterbacks is jarring.

The Eagles QB, Nick Foles, is a back-up. The internet thinks he resembles the movie anti-hero Napoleon Dynamite.

Tom Brady may want to play forever, but Foles—a former Eagles phenom who got traded away and kicked around the league—almost quit the sport out of frustration.

The Eagles were predicted to lose in the Divisional round of the playoffs. They were predicted to lose in the Championship round of the playoffs. They’re predicted to lose Sunday, too. This will be Philly’s third Super Bowl—they’ve yet to win one.

Philly fans love these low expectations. Bring on that Patriots swagger. They’ll put it right up there with the swagger of the Falcons and the swagger of the Vikings and everybody else who thought the Eagles would roll over when they lost starting quarterback Carson Wentz to a knee injury in early December.

So go ahead, mock Foles. Underestimate Pederson. Give short shrift toa defense that’s one of the NFL’s best, and may cause havoc in the pocket for that handsome 40-year-old.

Would the Eagles beating the Patriots be one of the great Super Bowl upsets? Maybe? The Eagles were technically the No. 1 seed in the NFC, playing two home games to get here. New England is favored by 4.5 points, a far cry from the 18 points the Baltimore Colts got over the New York Jets in Super Bowl III.