iEagles, 9.5 wins
Over (-105) / Under (-125)

The Eagles are a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Chip Kelly continues to do the craziest things and no one really knows how Sam Bradford is going to work out. I do know this: Kelly has dumped a ton of assets into his defense and it should result in an improved unit. On offense, adding Nelson Agholor in the draft does a lot to improve the receiver corps. It’s not star-studded but it’s full of dudes who are going to run precise routes and fit in Chip’s system. DeMarco Murray is a better north-south runner than LeSean McCoy. There’s lots of depth here too. If Bradford flops, Mark Sanchez is there to step in quickly.


Dallas Cowboys, 9.5 wins

Over (-130) / Under (Even)

Vegas is really expecting the Cowboys to keep up their roll from 2014. Or at the very least, Vegas is expecting everyone to THINK the Cowboys will continue their success into 2015. It’s logical. The additions of Greg Hardy (even with his suspension) and Randy Gregory are questionable moral moves perhaps but they’re strong football adds if they work out. Dallas’ defense should be better. Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Jason Witten are all back. The offensive line is probably the best in the NFL. Not overpaying for DeMarco Murray was smart. But I can’t shake questions about Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden shouldering the load for this offense.