By Lewis Gould

In pro sports there is a lot of talk about how much character counts.

In other words, whether a player is a solid citizen is taken into consideration when drafts are made and players are signed.

Talent too!

The Eagles brought Michael Vick back to the NFL after he served time for abusing dogs, but Big Boss Howie Roseman doesn’t think that makes the team a natural fit for Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon.

Mixon enters the NFL with a video record of punching a woman in the face in 2014 as part of his profile and Roseman said yesterday that he wouldn’t say the Eagles are “uniquely able to handle” a controversial acquisition because of their experience with Vick.

He also pointed out the different circumstances surrounding the team, including a second-year quarterback and head coach, to what they were when Vick joined the organization.

Roseman stopped well short of saying that Mixon is off the team’s board, however, and pointed out Mixon has the kind of talent that the team might be looking for in a running back.

“You talk about the things you’re looking for in a three-down back, there’s not much he can’t do, “Roseman said, via “He’s incredible with the ball in his hands, you can split him out, he’s got really good hands, he can pass protect, he can make people miss. He’s an extremely talented guy. But everyone that we talk about, the total package comes into the equation.”

That equation is one that will look different for each team, as evidenced by a survey Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did as part of his annual pre-draft work.

McGinn spoke to 11 personnel executives and six said they wouldn’t draft Mixon under any circumstance. Three said they would, although they differed on what round they’d pick him, and two declined to comment.