By Harold Michaels

The Eagles are about to shutter NovaCare because of the coronavirus, and all NFL off-season programs will be on hold at 6 pm tonight.

So, leave it to Adam Schefter, ESPN’s NFL guru of gurus, to put things in perspective today on 97.5 The Fanatic:

“I think everybody is operating now under the assumption that there’s not going to be an offseason program. And by the way, think about what an advantage that is to the Philadelphia Eagles right now. Dallas Cowboys? New coaching staff. New York Giants? New coaching staff. Washington Redskins? New coaching staff. Philadelphia Eagles? How long has Doug Pederson been in place? Five years now?

“It’s a big, big advantage for the Philadelphia Eagles. Let me just say this right now; they have to be the favorites to win the division because of what this offseason is doing, and the fact these teams can’t get together, can’t get on the field, can’t begin to implement and install their systems, and the Eagles have everything up and running.”