By Lewis Gould

The Eagles have an even thinner running back corps now that Darren Sproles has re-injured his hammy, so what is Doug Pederson to do?

Jordan Mailata!

The former Australian Rugby League star is playing his first year of American football and made a positive impression in the preseason despite his incredible inexperience with the game.

However, his prior rugby experience makes for an intriguing possibility as a ball carrier at some point down the line as well. It’s a possibility Eagles head coach Pederson hasn’t shot down.

“He’s definitely used to carrying a larger football. Do they call it a football? I don’t know what they call it,” Pederson said. “Very athletic guy. It’s intriguing. It’s not out of the question.”

At 6-8, 346 pounds, Mailata would be one of the largest players to ever carry a football in a running back capacity. He’s not going to take a job from Darren Sproles, Corey Clement or Wendell Smallwood any time soon. Any chance he’d be used as a running back would likely be highly specialized situations as well.

Nevertheless, it’s a fun idea to consider and Pederson is just the type of coach that would give it a shot if the right opportunity were to present itself.