By Theodore N. Beitchman

Ed Rendell is one of Philly’s most ardent dog-lovers and he wears his heart on his sleeve as a charter member of Eagles Nation.

But don’t expect the former mayor and governor to wear a dog mask on the set of “Eagles Post-Game Live” tonight. It wouldn’t be decorous.

However, Rendell expresses his dog-loverness openly, as he did in an interview in his office this week, when he predicted that the Eagles would beat the Vikings 13-10 tonight and go on to the Super Bowl in Minny on Feb. 4.

Notwithstanding the fact that the Vikes are a 3-point fave.

“Jim Schwartz got his wish,” Rendell says of the Eagles’ D-boss. “He would rather play the Vikes than the Saints because Drew Brees would have been tougher to scheme against.

“Case Keenum [the Minny QB] has a couple of weaknesses — one big one is that he doesn’t play well under pressure, so expect Schwartz to dial up more safety blitzes.”

Rendell gives Schwartz a lot of credit for the Eagles; success.

“When Jordan Hicks got hurt,” he says of the injured middle linebacker, “it looked grim. But Schwartz more than made due even though Dannell Ellerbe and Joe Walker haven’t done much.

“Although Nigel Bradham and Mychal Kendricks have had great years.”

Rendell buys into the Eagles as Team of Destiny meme.

“Look, when Carson Wentz started this second season, no one thought he would have improved this much. And, no matter what you say, they really don’t have a deep receiving threat or a great running back.”

And Doug Pederson?

“He proved he wasn’t just an Andy Reid clone — especially in play-calling.

“The reason I think the Eagles will win today is turnovers. Nick Foles makes fewer mistakes than Case Keenum. And I look for more screen passes like the Jay Ajayi 33-yard pick-up against the Falcons last week.

“And, Keenum throw off his back foot.”


“Eagles win 13-10.”