“I like it,” Eagles D-lineman Brandon Graham says, regarding the playoff-like pressure of playing the Cowboys this Sunday. “It allows you to strain harder … We’ve just got to finish and do what we do this last stretch.”

By Michael Donovan

Brandon Graham may be blowing smoke.

But he sounds sincere.

“The moment is not too big for [my teammates],” Graham said. “All they’ve got to do is their job and we can come out with the victory. You can’t just go out there searching for plays because of the moment … All you have to do is your job, that’s it.”

The Cowboys offense has quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott.


“You try to stay in his face, mostly,” Graham said. “And try to get him out of the pocket. Get him off his spot. Obviously, then you’ve got to stop the run cause that’s when he can be really balanced. When he’s balanced, [Prescott is] dangerous.”

“Really, you just worry about Zeke,” Graham said. “And then, in the pass rush, you have to make sure you complement each other and stay in your lanes. That’s the part where we all need to communicate. Communication has got to be on point.”