By Harry Allison

Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms of NBC Sports reported yesterday that QB Dak Prescott turned down a five-year, $175 million contract from the Cowboys and that he wants the final year to be more than $45 million.

Through NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Cowboys and Prescott’s agent denied that any such proposal had been made.

The standoff continues. The deadline for signing a franchise-tagged player to a long-term deal is July 15.

Prescott could get rich just playing on the franchise tag. The tag is reportedly a little more than $31 million this season, and next year it would be even more. If the Cowboys aren’t offering at least $70 million in guaranteed money the next two years, it doesn’t make much sense for Prescott to accept.

This contract is going to be tricky, as most quarterback deals are. Prescott is coming off a very good season and has established himself as a top-end quarterback in the NFL. Dallas doesn’t want to lose him, and doesn’t want to go down the road of multiple franchise tags. That’s how the Washington Redskins lost control of the Kirk Cousins situation.

There are still many weeks to go before the Cowboys and Prescott have to get down to business before the deadline. Whatever the final result is, it’s going to be for a lot of money.