By Annie Ross

If you’re a Cole Hamels fan hoping to see the former Phillies hurler when the team played in Texas, where he was traded two years ago, you’ll be disappointed.

He is on the shelf with an abdominal strain, but Philly the city and the Phillies in particular are still on his mind:

“I never leave the door closed,” Hamels told the Inky’s Matt Gelb when asked about a return. “It’s a special place and will continue to be a special place. There’s always those opportunities.”

“I’m thankful and happy I’m in this organization and we were able to work out the trade to go to the team I wanted to most,” Hamels said of the Rangers. “I’ve had incredible experiences here. An opportunity to win every year. That’s been awesome. I know we’re going to be able to do that for the next two years.”

“It looks like Philadelphia will have the perfect timing in the next couple of years,” Hamels said. “There’s no better place to play in front of a sold-out crowd every single day. They really do love baseball. As much as I know it’s a football and hockey town, baseball has a significant presence there. Especially when they’re winning. They live and breathe it.”

“When we played there, we just saw the constant boos of former players,” Hamels said. “We’re like, ‘Oh, that [stinks]. Don’t want to come back here.’ Then to see the turn, that’s what is great about Philadelphia sports fans. If you make the right type of impact, you last forever. That really does mean something.”