Fletcher (above in the middle) is the first Flyers general manager in nearly three decades to not have had any prior ties to the organization. 

Ron Hextall served as assistant to predecessor Paul Holmgren, who Holmgren served as assistant to predecessor Bobby Clarke. All three general managers were former Flyers players.

One of Fletcher’s most important jobs will be to bring back a winning culture to the Flyers organization that has not had a consistent winning team since the pre-lockout era.

The team has made two Eastern Conference Finals and one Stanley Cup Final since the lockout of 2004-05. However, the team is consistently a lower-seed in the playoffs and fails to play consistently for long stretches of time. Flyers fans have become accustomed to winning-streaks followed by losing-streaks and stretches of lethargic and uninspired hockey.

The definition of culture as per the Merriam Webster Dictionary are as follows:

“The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization”

Philly has historically been known as a hard-working and gritty team ever since the Broad Street Bullies won back to back Stanley Cups in the 1970s. The Flyers have always had a culture of winning and “heart”.  Rocky Balboa’s heart captures the essence of what Philly fans expect from their teams.

Hard work and passion are valued over pure talent. The Orange and Black were never a team to be pushed around and never one to be outworked. This was the Flyers culture. A team that wouldn’t accept defeat and that would never get pushed around. That would translate into a winning culture.

New General Manager Chuck Fletcher Needs To Bring Back Winning Culture To The Philadelphia Flyers