Says the Washington Post:

She says she regrets some of her more fiery tweets, like her attack on Eagles player Chris Long, a vocal Trump critic who donated $1 million of his earnings to charity.

“If I made $39 million on ONE contract NFL deal and also came from a rich family, please, PLEASE think critically about why I’d donate a season of salary,” she tweeted in May. “Hello tax write off. All the pub for 1 mil vs 39 mil guaranteed. Libs & Long brothers play you.”

“I would have taken that back,” she tells the Washington Post reporter.

She’d been frustrated by Long’s criticism of the president, she says, and felt like “he was kind of given this carte blanche leash to say whatever he wanted to.” That’s his right, she almost immediately concedes — “freedom of speech, you can say things” — and slamming someone for donating to charity probably wasn’t necessary. She has started to sleep on things before firing off a take, so she has time to simmer down. But it’s difficult to balance. “My boyfriend calls me Thumbs,” she says with a laugh, miming frenzied texting. “I’m feisty. And a lot of it is sarcasm. Sometimes I’ll think, ‘Oh, this is a funny response back to this person.’ ”