By Michael Grimm

Trying to parcel out credit or separate Reid and Mahomes’ success together is futile, much like trying to assign points to Bill Walsh and Joe Montana or Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

That’s not how football works; it’s the partnership that matters and this partnership is a work of art.

Reid’s joy for football may not always be apparent in his facial expressions, but it shows up in his play calls. Every September, he rolls out a handful of new concepts that the rest of the league spends the next three months copying. Reid constantly evolves and is the perfect steward to continue challenging Mahomes, getting the most out of his talent. He will also put the players around Mahomes in a position to succeed.

Reid said in a statement Monday that “the best part” of the news is how early Mahomes is in his career. Mahomes has already enjoyed the best two-season stretch to start his career as a starter since Dan Marino. He’s already the best quarterback in football. Reid is the right coach to help Mahomes get even better.