By Harry Allison

As the Sixers gather in Camden to prepare for the 2.0 version of the regular season and the playoffs, all eyes are on Ben Simmons.

Simmons’ last game was February 22nd in Milwaukee, when he had to leave in the first quarter.  He began rehab four days later and has now had more than four months to work himself back into shape, which resulted in him also adding more strength.

“That’s one of those things where it’s hard to keep that size on during the season,” he said.

“So this was kind of like a resetting point. I was able to get Pilates in almost every day, lifting weights, getting my body back to 100%. So I’ve just been trying to go overboard with that. (I feel) more explosive definitely, just more control. I feel a level of control when I’m out there on the floor and knowing what I’m capable of with my body. It feels very good and just overall I feel like I’m back to 100%, and it’s a good feeling.”

Simmons went on to say that he trusts veterans like LeBron James and Chris Paul when it comes to concerns over a return to play in Orlando. He noted that he feels a responsibility to represent the Sixers in Florida.

“If we’re safe down there, and I trust what the NBA is doing, they’re taking extreme precautions with this, so I feel like if we’re all going, I’m in. I’m with my teammates, I would never want them to go down and not expect to see me there. I’m all-in with my team.”