’s Jon Heyman looks at both free agents:

Bryce Harper seems to have some more obvious interested teams with the incumbent Nats joined by the Phillies, Dodgers (interestingly Harper may be a better fit for Manny Macahdo’s Dodgers, though they haven’t had any interest in monster free-agent deals since the new regime arrived), Giants and Cubs.

Machado could interest teams looking for a shortstop or third baseman, though in recent years there haven’t been a lot of teams with those needs, and free agents at those positions have been disappointed at times.

The old belief is that an infielder who hits is generally more valuable than an outfielder who hits. So it’s no surprise, a couple executives gave Machado the edge here (though some gave it to Harper). One went so far as to look at specific team needs.

“With Boston and the Yankees having set outfields, that would seem to take them out of Harper. On the other hand, I could see both of them in on Machado,” that exec says. (though those teams aren’t especially weak on the left side of the infield, either) Yet another thought the left-side infield slots were stacked, as we’ve seen free agents struggle to get offers lately. “Not as many quality teams need a third baseman or a short stop,” one exec who favored Harper texted.