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The purpose of journalism, and in this case any Philadelphia sports blog or digital site that provides Philadelphia sports news is to “comfort the afflicted the afflict the comfortable.”

FASTPHILLYSPORTS.COM separates itself from the other Philadelphia blogs that provide Philadelphia sports news because we do not accept the conventional wisdom, which is what the teams want you to believe even if a simple eye test tells you not to.

Unlike other sites for Philadelphia sports news or Philadelphia sports blogs, has dozens of experienced journalists who provide information to our viewers hourly. And, unlike many other sites, we check our facts so that if something appears on our site you know it has been verified thoroughly.

Our true competitors are PHILLY.COM and CSNPHILLY.COM.

PHILLY.COM is a free digital site sponsored by the Inquirer and Daily News that gives viewers a taste of what is in that day's papers. However, one must pay for Daily News Digital or Inquirer Digital in order to see the rest in the way of Philly Sports news, rumors and blogs. The Inquirer and Daily News are shadows of what they once were. Most of the best talent has been lured away by MLB.COM and ESPN.COM. So the writers who are left are, with some exception, not top drawer and they are mostly inexperienced with no institutional memory.

CSNPHILLY.COM is the free digital arm of Comcast SportsNet, and its mission is more promotional than journalistic. Also, because Comcast owns the Flyers, a slice of the Sixers and also the TV rights to the Phillies, Sixers and Flyers, CSNPHILLY.COM offers Philly Sports news, rumors and blogs but it rarely criticizes the teams, players or management.

PHILLY SPORTS.COM has taken on Ed Snider and uncovered how he betrayed Jerry Wolman, the man who hired him 50 years ago at the Eagles; and we have swum against the tide on Philly Sports news, rumors and blogs such as stories about the media and all the other teams. That includes the Phillies who left billions of dollars in rights fees on the table because they permitted only Comcast to bid.

Our content has been fashioned by our founder, Theodore N. Beitchman, who has been a sports editor in San Francisco and Washington, D. C. and a senior editor at Rolling Stone, Inside Sports and Sports Illustrated.